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Published games and apps out now.


TOTAL, South Africa, "The Sustainable Service Station"

This Augmented Reality project has two Android apps with Augmented Reality. The project was centered around an interactive reconstruction of a real world prototype of a new kind of service station created by TOTAL, South Africa. The app showed the innovations while the users are exploring the virtual service station in Augmented Reality. The second app centered around a poster with interactive slides and diagrams being projected out of the real world poster. The AR marker for the interactive service station was printed on DIN A2 and enabled the users to move the camera deep inside the model to spot details.

Friends of Design Student Expo AR app

For the 2012 Student Expo in Cape Town I created this Augmented Reality app for Android devices. It lets you explore the statue that reveals holograms with short details on the game design / game technology course at Friends of Design, Academy of Digital Arts in Cape Town.

Designschule 1.0 Exam Celebration 2012

My 3rd year Game Design students and the students of Fashion Design and Graphic Design are heading towards their final exams right now. As every year we will have an one-and-a-half hour long presentation with various speakers, awards for very creative exam projects and, of course, the handing out the diplomas wrapped into a big celebration. As last year, we will have all our 300+ guests including students, parents, press, local politicians and sponsors in a movie theater. Last year I did the first realtime 3D and interactive presentation background for the big screen. In worked great and I prooved that computer game graphics can be used in much more ways than "just creating games". This year I will take it to the next level with an even more epic scale and a sense of deep ocean wonder. I am excited about this!

Run, Vlokkie, run!
Webplayer based racing game

This game was created during the "Graphics for Games" seminar of the Web Design class 2012 at Friends of Design - Academy of Digital Arts, Cape Town.
I came across the guys of Blankets for Cape Town - a private charity project providing blankets for orphanages, shelters and the poor in and around Cape Town.
In order to raise awareness for this amazing project, I decided to make the class project about creating the graphics for this game and having it out there at the beginning of the cold season in Cape Town.
My intern Peter Roth, from my course at the Designschule Schwerin, did the scripting.
If you play this game, please use the link to visit Blankets for Cape Town's facebook page and like them!
To me this was an opportunity to show that games can be used in a lot of ways - not only for fun.
Thanks to Friends of Design and the incredible guys at 2upgamers for the suport!

Play now!

Baby's Toybox
Android App

Babies and small kids LOVE touchscreens! One touch with a finger and the baby gets an immediate response. Kids get into using touchscreens so fast that their parents often start worrying about cryptic emails being send to customers, co-workers and who knows.
Baby's Toybox is perfect for your little tech afficinados! Kids and babies can play with this game, enjoy cute graphics and sounds without causing harm to other applications on their parents' phone or tablet.

Try the lite, free with ads or full version!

Loves me ... Loves Me Not
Android App (free)

Loves me ... loves me not lets you pluck out the flower's petals and tell you if the flower thinks that love is going to happen.

This is app is great fun on every birthday party, coffee break, chat and in class.

Try it!

Webplayer Free-To-Play Game

Quetzalcoatl was a student project for the Web Design class 2011 at Friends of Design. Learning how to use their 2d skills for creating graphics for games, the students had one week to design the graphics for a game template provided by Lars Espeter. The beautiful and funny result can be played here.


Das Geheimnis der Alten Dame
Downloadable Game for Windows PCs

This game was created in association with the Designschule 1.0 in Germany, Angry Ant Entertainment and the "Norddeutsches Zentrum zur Weiterentwicklung der Pflege", a German organisation dealing with educating people about the importance of geriartric care and related proffessions. The game's graphics and programming was done by three students of the Game Design faculty of the Designschule 1.0. Angry Ant Entertainment provided the concept, idea and project management during the development of the title.
The game's goal as part of an image campaign for jobs in health care was to get young kids interested in the topic.

German speaking visitors of this site can find the game here.

Downloadable Game for Windows PC

This is an eductional game in mathematics for kids aged 5 years and older. Having been developed in cooperation with teachers it features interesting and fun contents, controls and graphics.

Numbers and magic have always had a close relationship. MATHEMAGUS uses this link in order to be a suitable, funny and effective edutainment program, that is great fun for kids as well as adults.

The player takes the role of a young magician's apprentice who competes with the grumpy witch Myrgiana, who gives him tasks and puzzles he has to solve.

Besides these tasks MATHEMAGUS features games for the training of logic thinking and the understanding of numbers in general. Always different sudokus, picture puzzles and the Magusmemo can be played for a bit of great fun in between.

They as well help to increase the motivation to solve the math tasks. The more tasks the player solves and the better he gets, the more games will be available for him.

Try the game one hour for free downloading it from Big Fish Games!

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