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Angry Ant Entertainment titles of the past.


A 3D Casual Soccer Game (proof of concept)

A backyards soccer casual game. You are the team captain but do not have direct control over your teammates.
You can online give them directions if they see you. Depending on their skills and characters, they will do their best to carry out your orders.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice
A 3D Broom Combat Flight Simulator - for kids

You are the apprentice of an elderly gentleman who wields magic powers ... well, that is the way your master likes to introduce himself.
But one night, an army of evil witches and their minions invade the kingdom. This is your time to shine or die. Cast spells at the evil invaders, extinguish fires with water spells, save sheep from being hunted by monsters and fight all sorts of creatures.

Malcolm McMouse - Rats in da House!
A 3D Action Adventure (unfinished)

Malcolm McMouse live in a mad scientist house just beneath the floorboards. One day his lab rats break out and occupy the building. The experiments with intelligence boosting oills have made them intelligent (or so they claim ...) and evil.
When Malcolm returns home from work on Friday evening, he finds his home abandoned and has to search the rat infested house to rescue his three kids and his beloved wife.

3D Shoot'em Up Flight Simulator

You and your combat sub have been minimized and injected into the body of a comatose scientist in order to find out what made him collapse. Fight new kinds of bacteriae and viruses and a hidden plot to hide a terrible secret.

Even older projects

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