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March, 12th, 2013
New entries under Games/Recent Publications
Added two new entries under recent publications today. Take a look.

March, 11th, 2013
A lot has happened since the last news update ...
Time passes extremely quickly at the moment. Over the past couple of month a lot of great things happened. A new school year started at Friends of Design, Academy of digital Arts, in Cape Town, South Africa. The game course there, created by Lars Espeter, is going strong and gets a lot of support from the game community and interactive media industry. At the Designschule in Leipzig and Schwerin, Germany, the students created great end-of-semester projects that can soon be seen on the academy's website. On April 4th, 2013, there will be an industry-meets-students event. A couple of companies that already have ex-students of the Designschule as employees have given the education we set up great reviews and they want  more of our students for internships and employees.
Apart from the education in Game Design there were a couple of industry projects that will be listed over the couple of weeks on this website. Angry Ant Entertainment is looking forward for the things to come.

September, 2nd, 2012
A new semester starts at Designschule Schwerin and Leipzig

In both our academy's sites the new semester starts. This year my faculty has 40 new students from all over Germany. I am looking forward to introduce the new bunch to the world of Game Design and Game Technology.

Angry Ant Entertainment and Friends of Design go Augmented Reality
The Friends of Design Academy of digital Arts in Cape Town and Angry Ant Entertainment are always heading for the cutting edge in technology and education. From October 2012 we will introduce Augmented Reality as part of our marketing and, of course, our course contents. On October 12th and October 13th you can witness this at our Augmented Reality workshop and Open Day at the Friends of Design premises in Cape Town. Visit Friends of Design to learn more about the dates for this amazingly interesting event.

July, 21st, 2012
Teaching Game Design in Cape Town, South Africa

I will be going back to Cape Town, South Africa, for the next seminar in my Game Design course at Friends of Design on Thursday, 26th. There will be some additional lectures and talks.

July, 14th, 2012
Exam Celebrations 2012 at Designschule Schwerin

The exam celebrations for our 3rd year students at the Designschule Schwerin, Germany, went really well. The event happened at the Mega Movies cinema in Schwerin. In order to make it a memorable moment for our our graduates and their parents, I created an animated and interactive realtime 3D digital stage extension showing on the big screen, using Unity3D and a standard laptop to run the exectuable on. To see some impressions from the presentation take a look at the images here.

July 4th, 2012
Media Section updated with new interview
I added a new interview concerning the Vlokkie Game project for Friends of Design and Blankets for Cape Town.

July 1st, 2012
Interview section updated
I added a link to an interview I gave to Tarryn van der Byl on
about my involvement with Friends of Design, Cape Town, South Africa.

June 14th, 2012

12. Afrika Festival Münster

I will be giving a short lecture as part of a theme night concerning
"From Griots to Cyberspace - Communication Structures in Africa"
(more - in German)

When? Thursday, June 21st, 2012, 20.45
About? "Digital Entertainment as a Chance for Africa"
Where? Internationales Zentrum »Die Brücke«, Wilmergasse 2, Münster

June 13th, 2012

New Website is launched!
Finally, after six long years I had the time to redesign and update my website.
A lot has happened in the meantime. Browse the site to find out about what Angry Ant Entertainment is doing and what has been going on over the past years.
The website will be updated as soon as new things happen!

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