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About Angry Ant Entertainment

About AAE

What is Angry Ant Entertainment?

Angry Ant Entertainment began as FIN arts in around 1998 as a team of artist, programmers and game designers.
When we realized that given the struggling New Economy having a constant team financed by game projects or outsourced tasks was too dangerous financially Angry Ant Entertainment was invented.

What I decided to do was to have a team of freelancers that would do their own projects and, if the opportunity for a large project is available, put those who are interested into one team and get the task done. The concept has been working for more than ten years now with me, Lars Espeter, as the project manager.

As I am travelling a lot and constantly running into vary talented people, our network of artists grows and I am working on Angry Ant South Africa right now.


About Lars Espeter

First of all, I have been a gamer for all my life. I started playing and designing graphics on a Commodore C64 with 16 predefined colours, 160x200 resolution and 64Kb RAM.
My digital alarm clock has more processing power than that thing had – and it has a satellite connection ...
In 1993, while studying English and German language and literature and Cultural Studies, I was planning to go into film directing and writing when I got into a team of developers who needed somebody to write a story for an adventure game. That is how it all began. In the following years we created our first game Skullitaire. I got into designing 3D graphics and writing documents for games. Then the New Economy got off the ground and we started to do outsourced projects for larger companies. Mostly advertising games. Companies involved BBDO Germany and Volkswagen, Focus magazine events, smaller German game development companies and even a company that was developing the “Smell Blaster” – should have been in “smelling the game” what the “Sound Blaster” is to “hearing the game”.  
By the year 2000 I started working on larger games for our own team, shortly before we turned it from FIN arts into Angry ant Entertainment. We developed our own 3D game engine (The Bone Machine) and published our first casual action game called Bacteria. Other projects followed as did the liquidation of two of our publishers we were creating games for - in a single month (New Economy imploded ...). But the way Angry Ant Entertainment was set up as an organization, we got out of it relatively unharmed. So, put our projects to rest and did other things for a while.
I worked as a lead designer on a First Person Shooter for two years, added a year of producing mobile games to it, Angry Ant created two more casual games and a larger educational game, which was pretty successful to our portfolio.
And then somebody asked me to create a Game Design faculty in Germany.
So, I have a lot of experience with all sorts of companies, projects and teams. That experience I now give to my students and the way the students turn out in Germany gives me high hopes for the my South African students, as I use the same concept at the full-time course I created there at Friends of Design in Cape Town. Over seventy percent of our ex-students in Germany get a job in game development, advertising agencies, film productions and related branches in the first six months after passing their exams. One of my first students now hires my current students as paid interns.

On top of teaching and creating games I also
- give talks on the importance of game technology for digital media in general
- work as a consultant for game development teams
- explore new ways to use game technology
- mentor my students even after their exams
- work on Games in Education
- and travel a lot :)

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